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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
15-Mar-11 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: Is bluegrass an attitude?
Subject: RE: Is bluegrass an attitude?
I am fairly new to bluegrass, having been a fan for 28 years and a member of a local bluegrass band for 15 years.

I have indeed experienced some of the things mentioned above like predictable licks, rebel flags, jam busters, vacant lyrics, runaway banjos, loud and obnoxious camp neighbors, etc. Have also indeed experienced complex melodies and chord structures, thought-provoking symbolism and lyrical depth, spectacularly creative breaks, African-American players, and hundreds of live performances by 1st and subsequent generations of bluegrass musicians, both professional and amateur, including Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley, Bela Fleck, just about every "bluegrasser" who has appeared on a stage on the East Coast in the past 28 years and attended festivals from Galax to Prince Edward Island. I make no claim to academic credentials, but I feel strongly about this music, live it, and will always bristle at people who seem to criticize without affection and make claims without substantiation.

It is not my intent to criticize anyone, just to continue to support and defend the music I love. So that's my attitude.