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Posted By: Steve Gardham
13-Mar-11 - 06:42 PM
Thread Name: End of Hull Sea Fever - 2011
Subject: RE: End of Hull Sea Fever
Hi Les et al.
No reason why you shouldn't run something same time as Freedom. I love the Freedom Festival BTW. I thought the last 2 were stunning, The fire thing in 2009 was brilliant and the balloons last year were marvellous.

I have a full PA doing nothing although you probably would need an outdoor PA to run a concert outside Green Bricks. Fruit sounds like a good option. They have run folky gigs successfully recently. Has anybody asked The Deep to get involved?

Has Steve been approached to get some boats up? Spider T and Phyllis are usually up for it, Syntan. I know one year Goole Museum sent Room 58 cos I remember seeing Cyril aboard. Don't remember how it got there though cos it's a lighter barge. If Mal brings Spider and Ian brings Phyllis, might even persuade Chris to bring Southcliffe if he's not gigging elsewhere.

The Lottery people haven't stopped shelling out if you know somebody who enjoys filling in forms. The council have said they won't run it but they have offered support to anyone else putting stuff on. If I'm around then I'll certainly do a spot fer nowt, and drag a few others in.