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Posted By: katlaughing
24-Feb-11 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Thanks, SRS. They say a child needs three major people in his life from birth on. He started out with his mom and us in the same house, then just down the street. We have all always been there for him, plus his step-dad then came in and has done a lot. I do see it as a collaborative affair. Of course we've had outstanding material to work with, said the bragging grandma.:-)

Load of laundry, more cleaning off my desk, nap, lunch, rest, rest and a bit more of picking up. My eating has completely changed to what I've always known I needed to do. Being on clear liquid for three days at the hospital with no salt, even though I don't put any on and I don't cook with it, there is always some, changed my palate, I think.

I still have a smoothie and toast for breakfast, but lunch is only one slice of oat and bran bread with tuna in water with lite mayo and half of it goes for tithes to the cats.:-) They use the Silent Miaow method.

Supper is usually a very small grilled chicken breast with Mrs. Dash for flavouring with a very small salad and some mixed veggies with a small amt. of oleo. At least a third of the chicken goes to the cats. They are trying to make up for the dog not being to clean up.**bg**

I don't eat or drink anything after about 7pm and am restricted to 2 liters of liquids per day anyway, so I really make those count. I am really enjoying orange juice with ice cubes and the same with Crystal Lite in water. We will be doing something with a no salt vegetable broth and chicken broth Rog found at the store, soon, and I am craving barley.

All good food I used to eat, but in a different way. Now, I also eat slowly, not taking a bite unless my O2 sat rate is up where it is supposed to be. The nurses and docs explained to me, the reason some people stuff so quickly and so much can be because they have breathing problems and are panicky about getting food without losing their breath. I hadn't thought of that, but if you are a mouth breather or shallow breather it makes sense. Anyway, my meals taste better and are more satisfying.