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Posted By: GUEST,Desi C
20-Feb-11 - 08:29 AM
Thread Name: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
Subject: RE: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
Re the Koran and being rewritten etc , well, The Koran, Bible and I'm sure all such religious operating manuals, have been extensively re written uncountable times over the centuries, by numerous people asnd groups. Who'se motives have been to make it say what they want others to believe. Human beings, being 95% sheep minded will believe any old rubbish wrapped up in some 'religeous' cover. In fact the Koran even as recently as the 60's when I looked into, it was very much a book of love, peace, and philosophy. Now, it is a hate filled comic at best, and a homicide instruction book at worst.

But, with all these books, which at various periods in history have been interpreted by those who like to control others, to wage war on their fellow man only for the reason of them 'not being like us' What baffles me constantly is why, IF these boooks urge you to murder, and murder in the most horrific way, ,not just soldiers, but mainly innocent women, men and children, IF that is what you interpret these books to be saying, why do you not check yourself into a good Psychiatrist pronto, because sick as the writers may be, surely your mind it even sicker for believing it! Why not simply do as I do and believe in YOURSELF, it's free and harms no one