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Posted By: Acorn4
19-Feb-11 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
Subject: RE: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
...I've just been looking at Roy Harper's blog and this is how he explains the song:-

"I wrote 'the black cloud of islam' when it became obvious to me that islam had evolved into the same instrument of modern mass murder which christianity has been for so long. And in the name of virtually the same tin pot god. I would like to be far more profane at this point than I am being here and now but I feel the need to preserve as much dignity as I can in the present circumstance."

"My real beef with islam is that once the religious fanatics had a real hold on the lives of the people, sometime after the eleventh century, all learning ground to a halt, and the only teachings available were almost all religious. So after some really solid scholarship, there followed the best part of a millennium of total darkness. A form of ignorance akin to the dogmatic foundations of the christian and hebrew faiths. Hence my metaphor 'The Black Cloud Of Islam'. No one should be surprised. I thought that my wording was apt, and after all, my criticism of christianity goes much further than just the one song."

The full entry is at:-