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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
18-Feb-11 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
Subject: RE: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
""And many a holy person (of whatever persuasion) has lived quietly in solitude and become close to their God. As you say, 'a beautiful thing'. I shall have to think some more about your viewpoint, thank you for posting it!""

You and Dan have it exactly right Eliza.

Those of us who believe in a divine being can express our faith without ever entering a Church, Temple, Mosque, or Synagogue.

What fundamentalists don't seem capable of understanding is that we all pray to the same being, no matter what we call him.

Only our Prophets differ, and the religious organisations which have built up around the teachings of those prophets are all about controlling the faithful, and with fear of dire punishment and the promise of possible eternal bliss, keeping them in line.

That is the difference between religion and faith.

Don T.