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Posted By: The Sandman
18-Feb-11 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
Subject: RE: The Black Cloud of Islam by Roy Harper
the point is that his objections to the religion Muslim is not based on race it is based on religion,some of his points I agree with, it is a religion that discourages womens equality .
During the song he also criticises jehovahs witnesses, he is also factually right when he mentions the death threat to Salman Rushdie[for daring to criticise the religion], where he is wrong is when he gives the impression that all   muslims subscribe to fatwahs and that all muslims interpret the koran in the same way, they do not, however his criticisms have nothing to do with racism , but to do with certain interpretations of the koran, he is not a racist bigot, however he is misinformed when he stereo types all muslims in one way.