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Posted By: Teribus
18-Feb-11 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Subject: RE: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
OK then Amos go through your list and erase everything that is NOT a weapon.

By the way what information do you need to "calibrate" a chemical of biological attack? How would US forces personnel or the CIA know about mounting chemical or biological attacks? Where does this expertise come from?

The answers to the above:

The first is a weather forecast plain and simple.

The second is they don't never having used either chemical or biological weapons they would know nothing in practical terms about mounting such an attack or about using these weapons.

The CIA and US Forces have no expertise in deployment or use of such weapons.

In my time in the British armed forces not once did I ever see any chemical or biological munitions. Not once did I ever read or was I given any instruction in the storage, arming or handling of chemical or biological weapons. As part of NATO had any country within NATO had such munitions we at some point or other would have had to handle them so we would have been trained to do so - plain truth is we got no such training or instruction.

"Iraq, with the blessing and official approval of the US government, purchased computer controlled machine tools, computers, scientific instruments, special alloy steel and aluminum, chemicals, and other industrial goods for Iraq's missile, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs."

OK Amos care to list all the other things such items could be used for? No thought not, if you have to clear what you allow anyone else to purchase on the premise of what the worst thing they could do with it then trade stops. The premise is ridiculous.

Statement made was that the US and the UK sold Saddam Hussein the weapons with which he gassed the Kurds.

That statement is untrue, they did not. What Iraq bought by deception through many front companies and through a maze of false corporations through many countries (This by the way Bobert is what that post-graduate student's plagiarised thesis was about) were "dual use" items that the Iraqi's had to gather together inside Iraq and manufacture themselves.

I will go through your list and knock each item down from your hype to what it actually was, you will find that you are left with nothing.