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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
17-Feb-11 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Kat: Good stuff! Glad you are feeling some better.

I am fed up with not being able to make a blue clicky. I have tried and tried. So here is a url for an article on microwaving food. This website in general seems good. I also found a good article on nightshade foods - posted on arthritis.

I am recovering from this mornings detox bath. Must have been a good one as it wiped me right out. But I am almost ready to get lunch, which may help.

The bad new is that, while upstairs, I looked out the window and the roof of the strong shed has bent in from the snow. I did not realize how much had fallen and had not checked it recently. It is not that visible from downstairs window. I came down and went out and checked it prior to bath. It is frozen. Ribs are bent.

So: it is supposed to go above freezing today and then rain. Big job this afternoon - at peek temp - will be to figure out how to clear the frozen snow and find props for the ridge pole before the rain makes it even worse. Good thing I took that bath! Well, I keep saying I need more exercise.

Hah! And I thought the biggest thing I wanted to do today was compose e-mail to bro.

SRS: you are a strong woman! I had such bad experiences with that township in PA.... A letter sent to EACH counselor received NO response. Head guy said to my face, "Sure..." And that was the last response I ever got! I was so glad to leave. I am looking forward to following this saga.