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Posted By: Teribus
17-Feb-11 - 12:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Subject: RE: BS: WMDs WERE found in Iraq!
Ah the MYTH season is back with us:

"The Yanks, the Brits and the French SOLD AND DELIVERED THE WMDs to Iraq."

Care to provide any examples of these weapons sales? And I mean the sale of weapons, not precursors sold for an entirely different purpose. The UK to my certain knowledge has possessed no chemical or biological weapons capability since the mid-1950's. Making chemical and biological warfare agents is relatively easy and they are required to test counter-measures and this work in the UK was performed at Porton Down. The tricky bit is to make them into weapons which of course you do not have to do purely for testing your defences against such weapons (you want to know that your suits and repirators work against the deployed agent)

"Good lord! Where do you think SadMan got the gas to kill his own people?"

The Iraqi's made it themselves. Just as easily as they made fertiliser.