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Posted By: Kev The Clogs
16-Feb-11 - 08:53 AM
Thread Name: Charity Gig - Sevenoaks - 12th Feb 2011
Subject: RE: Charity Gig - Sevenoaks - 12th Feb 2011
"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." But it COULD have been true!!! Thank luck, God or whatever you believe in that I am writting this now!!!

Thanks to all those who have sent best wishes.

Looking at it logically over a couple of days (and I have had A LOT of time im my bed to think it through), I don't think I fell down the stairs, I think I tripped UP them, slipped, over-compensated, collided with the glass picture frame and then the next thing that I remember is sitting on my bed spurting lots of red stuff!!!

Dilligaf is the star of all this, as she wrapped towels round both arms and called the ambulance, kept calm and was just BRILLIANT!!! Thankyou Val!!!xx

Back to the saga - off to casulaty in Farnborough. 12 out of 10 to the paramedics for the speed that they arrived and how they looked after me. I've never been in an ambulance before!! I kept apologising to the paramedic for bleeding so much on in her cleam ambulance.

Casualty - again, 12 out of 10 for repairing me. 11 stitches to the right arm, 5 to the left BEFORE they then found, via a second series of xrays, a shard of glass about 5 inches long and an inch wide!!!

Up to ward my son said the doctor!!!!! Sunday - well you know what I going to say - not much chance of anything happening!!

Monday - wait, wait, wait and wait some more. Off down to have it removed late afternoon. Back early evening to find Dilligaf sitting by the window knitting wolley hats :-)

Let out Tuesday afternoon (after being discharged at 8.40am!!) with a nice green carrier bag of sweeties (LOTS OF THEM!!) - managed to have a look at left arm whilst it was re-dressed - WOW!!! 7 stitches on top, 7 stitches underneath, so GRAND total is 25 plus a very nice scar on my forehead, bruises and generally feeling like a prat - a LUCKY prat!!!

Feeling VERY sore this afternoon. Bandaged up like Mr Atlas on my arms!!

Needless to say, our Grand Day Out on Saturday, seems a bloody long time ago. Didn't even have the luxury of waking up on Sunday luntime thinking "that was bloody good fun!!". At least I woke up!!!

SO, many thanks to all of you who attended, the morris sides, The Bard and Jan, Hoff, Fisheye and FMON, Naughty Forty, Royston, TDL with Ben and several others, plus all who may have seen the event advertised, attended, but have not posted. THANKYOU ALL!!!!

Only briefly chatted with my colleague, Keith, but we will let you know how much money was finally raised on the day as soon as possible.

Cheers folks - looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Kev the Clogs