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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
15-Feb-11 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Nature abhors a vacuum and people seem to love filling empty spaces. Except those of us who like open space - and the open times during a conference or other heavily scheduled gathering, ----and life. Maintaining clear spaces seem to be like the never ending story - but worth the effort and whatever strategies work.

FB: I refuse, graciously, to friend anyone with whom I do not WANT to be in touch, accepting only people I actually know face to face or through mudcat, that sort of thing. I ignore games, etc. (I will try the strategy suggested herein.) I find about 6 friends post regularly and I find most of those very interesting; I often share their posts with others. I

t is the only way I find out things about family members: grandson broke his wrist, son went to Arizona, granddaughter got married! Little things like that! We love each other. We are not good communicators amongst each other. That is how I found the link to my son's interview, even though we visited in November. I really appreciate FB!! It connects people worldwide and is helping build a global community.

Rob and I both recovered from our mini-malaise by last evening - rest, extra C and extra Pau d'Arco - or we just got over it? I tried out a recipe for baked cauliflower which was quite nice.   I had done two loads of laundry, including the bedding and remade the bed. I find that one set is enough - off, wash, on. Cuts down on space needed; we have so little.

Today I passed up a flannel sheet set at the thrift shop, enough! Bought three small glass bowls to replace the three which broke last week. I keep them by the stove I use them so often. And a 2nd cookie sheet as it is good to have two if I actually get it together to cook that sort of thing. I always half the sugar in the recipe. I fancied some dishes but did not have $10 in my pocket. I realized driving home that I really only wanted the rimmed bowls and the rest would have been extraneous!

I also did groceries and stopped at the bank to pay bill and get some case - having saved $10! But decided not to drive an extra distance for two more items; get them at the nearby market. Time for a run to the supplement store. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. So that trip, which entails a walk, and working on the second floor are on the agenda.

About 9 pm on Valentine's Day. Rob attended at a pharmacy; In the much depleted greeting card section, he found the perfect, for us, card: Picture: water with a head, nose just above water, eyes wide; Words: "No matter how crazy my life gets, I know you'll be there, and when it is your turn to lose it... you can count on me." (inside) "We're so screwed if it happens at the same time." He added: "Happy Valentines, Love, (signature)"   and near the bottom: "But there's always chocolate....." How I laughed! How true it is!

I cannot believe Carleton Cards came up with that!

Now to find a good solution to the bro situation.