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Posted By: Don Firth
15-Feb-11 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Anyone play a 'G String Guitar'???
Subject: RE: Anyone play a 'G String Guitar'???
Probably not what anyone here is interested in, but a couple of years ago, someone gave me a CD of a guitarist I had never heard of before:   Göran Söllscher. The CD is "Eleven-String Baroque," pieces originally written for the Baroque lute or the harpsichord (lots of Bach) and played on an 11-string guitar. When Söllscher reaches down for one of those bass strings, it just about registers on seismographs (rumble-rumble). He's Swedish, and the guitar was made by Georg Bolin, also of Sweden.

Here he is with his instrument.

And here is Söllscher playing it in concert:   TWANG!

Apparently these guitars by luthier Georg Bolin are pretty rare beasties and pretty pricey. But with a little research, I learned that there is a luthier here in Washington State, in Bellingham, just a couple hours drive north of Seattle where I live, who makes a variety of instruments, including critters like the one Söllscher plays. His name is Steve Ganz.

I'd love to get my sweaty little hands on an instrument like that, but it would probably cost the deed to my ranch and my first-born son!

Don Firth