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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Feb-11 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
The previous snow storm that buried the eastern half of the US a week or so ago pretty much missed us in Wichita KS US, with only a couple of inches here. Winds during that snowfall were high (~40 mph while it was coming down) so our accumulation then was "6 inches wide" on the sides of obstructions. Roads aligned with the wind direction didn't even need plowing, although crosswise ones had "nothing to feet" of drifts.

After about a week of "there's another one coming but it probably will miss us" we've had an overnight 5 or 6 inches (visual estimate in my neighborhood) and the predictions have suddenly changed to "6 to 12 inches" locally and up to "feet" nearby toward the east and southeast.

Temps during the past week have been a little lower than normal, but "zoomed up to 40F" (4.4C) yesterday afternoon. This afternoon the high temp was about 0F (-18C) but the wind is again (intermittently) strong, and reported current wind chill at -20F (-29C).

I can see through the small hole where the snow isn't plastered on the front window that the trash/recycling pickup has been on schedule (and that the driver didn't get down to shut the lid on one of the carts like he usually does); but I'll have to go out the back and walk around to shovel the two foot drift blocking the front door before we'll be able to get out normally. Weather maps on TV now show two additional bands of (what we call here) "heavy snow" approaching, so I think I'll wait until they pass before reassessing the situation. If the wind changes direction it may all blow away, and we don't have anyplace we need to go for the next few days.