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Posted By: GUEST,Desi c
05-Feb-11 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: What makes a person a good songwriter?
Subject: RE: What makes a person a good songwriter?
I'd only suggest one or two things that 'don't' make a good somgwriter if that is you want the song to connect with audiences. Firstly numerous folk singers I hear sing technically very good songs with very good instrumentation, butr are very introspective i,e about their troubles and hard times, I don't really want to sit there listening to their personal woes and troubles. A time and place and all that. Likewise many write about where they come from, but mention every building and street. The really good 'my town songs i.e Liverpool Lou, Leaving my L'pool home, Dirty Old Tomn, I belong to Glasgow and so on, really could apply to several towns e,g Dirty OLd town never mentions Salford and is often mistaken for being about Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, London etc, so it has a much wider appeal because folk can relate the words to their own home town. I wrote a song about Kilkenny Ireland (singing In Kilkenny, see you tube)that is doing quite well there, again because I think it could apply to several towns, in several Country. Only other thing I'd suggest is keep the tune fairly simple, lots of complicated chords are great for instrumental, but the ones I like to sing are those that I feel a not too accomplished guitarist like me cuuld play

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