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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
03-Feb-11 - 04:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Major paperwork day required... which is just as well because my newly arthritic left knee has today invited the other one to join in the fun.

Consequently, I'm giving it a rest for a couple of hours before I venture back down stairs (they're the killer) and working up here on some admin stuff.

My carol book has reached the footnotes and proofs stage - even though we're still adding stuff to it - and it's looking good.

My quilting is progressing - the wedding present quilt will actually be finished before their first anniversary! Seriously, the black and white 'Stars and Stripes' pattern I made just before Christmas (see Facebook for photos - Flickr is not my friend) is in the process of being hand quilted and will be finished in a week or two.

I may have lost some weight, haven't had the Wii Fit out for a week or so to weigh myself.... incidentally, the trick to accurate weigh-ins is to always use the same scale in the same position - don't take any notice of what the GP's may say, or the store, or the clinic.... if your scales at home say you are getting lighter, then you are getting lighter. No two scales will give you the same measurement unless they are government controlled, properly callibrated weighbridges for haulage trucks.... and I'm pretty sure none of us warrant using one of those! Plus, at the clinic, you are usually dressed differently each time. At home, you can wear the same robe, the same dress or the same birthday suit every time and get a more accurate result.

As I say, I may have lost some... a couple of days of 'digestive unrest' has helped and my trousers fall down if I have more than 3.57 in change and my phone in my pockets.

As for decluttering... working on that now and hopefully will be able to report positive progress next week.

Enjoy the day all.