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Posted By: LilyFestre
01-Feb-11 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Prediction here is for some snow and then sleet and ice. I spent today getting all the laundry in the house done as well as the dishes and anything else that required electricity so if we should happen to lose power tomorrow, we're all set. Dirty dishes in the sink make me crazy so I'm starting tomorrow with NO dishes in the sink (or on the counter or beside our chairs). My husband is staying home again tomorrow (YAY) and has agreed to tend to the baby so I can tend to the medical paperwork and get some things moved upstairs as part of making our living room Jeremiah friendly.

I also did about half of the assigned homework for the class I'm taking. I have my violin out as well....playing with some new folks and having FUN! I've GOT to get a new G string as mine is all corroded (it's been tucked away for awhile). Until I can get to my favorite fiddle shop, it will have to hold or I just will have to bump things up an octive. Either way, no biggie.

I'm going to be getting a new chair for myself...might be one from storage or I have a large chair up in my office (needs to be recovered) that might work. My current recliner leaves me with aching hips...something I don't have when I sit at the dining room table on wooden chairs.

Diet...still working on this new WW plan. I get it, I'm just not doing it. Hmmm. Lots of movement goes on in this house just chasing about after the baby. Up stairs. Down stairs. Around the corner. Etc. Also, I've taken to doing some yoga in his room right after his morning nap. He creeps around the floor playing with his toys and sometimes comes to give mama an assist. :) I'm hoping to hit the Y for a few classes this week. They have childcare....Im kind of leery about it but they have their clearances and the adult in charge is old enough to have had handled her own kids. And I will be in the very next room...within hearing range. I need to get more exercise in and let go a little bit...he'll be fine. :)

I am having problems getting in enough vitamin D (as the sun bothers sensitive) so I take a VERY large prescription of vitamin D. It has been suggested to me to go out and take a half hour walk every morning. LOvely idea, however,the gas well traffic on these back roads are not conducive to walking on the road. Town is 11 miles or so away and I'm sorry but I'm not buddling the baby up to drive 11 miles in, walk in the cold, pack the baby and stroller back up and go home in that half hour. It would be more time in the car than on the walk. Add on top of THAT that I just don't want to. My energy levels are the lowest they've been in my life. Leftover chemo yet. Anyway, I can find something to do around the house or outside (to get in some Vitamin D) without trucking down the back road with an infant and crazy gas well/water tanker trucks blowing us off the road.

As to the food end of things. We are doing better. Jeremiah is now able to eat the same foods as we do as long as it is pureed. I refuse to feed him CRAP so as a result, Pete and I are eating better. A bit backwards, I know, but it's making us both stop and think about what we are eating and do we want Jeremiah to have that too?

Night All. Happy February!