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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
01-Feb-11 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Subject: BS: Declutter, Exercise, Diet, February 2011
Wow! Even though I know the first of February is here, it still managed to charge right past. Lots of February posts on the January thread.

Though we have a snow day today, I have been busy around here, not online quite as much today. I built two steps to my bedroom window because I couldn't let my dogs in the sliding glass door, it was plastered shut because of the freezing rain that got into the track last night. It wouldn't budge, so I moved a few bricks. The sun on the door finally cleared it this evening, but it may freeze up overnight, so I won't be in a hurry to remove these bricks.

So, I'm inside, and the dogs have been in the garage (they have a heater) part of the day, in the house part of the day. When they're in, they feel the need to follow me around, to be nearby, so I have to be careful not to trip on them. At one point I was at the computer keyboard typing and both dogs were crowded up against either side of my chair, and in one moment, both of them leaned forward and licked the sides of my hands as I typed. Now THAT is togetherness!

My work lately has been to reprogram my procrastination ways, and to recognize that I need not only to work more efficiently, but to give myself time for leisure. Even though I may enjoy what I'm doing at the computer, it isn't the same as sitting and sewing or watching a movie, and I'd like to do more of those things.

I'll report again on the book, I have a few more underlines to revisit and share. Right now I have a pot of hot stew on the stove and some pizza crusts to shape and bake for the freezer, but I'll save a little to make a foccacia bread to go with the stew. Mmmmmm!

Here is the last thread, Jan. 2011, and I have to read the last few entries still. I figured I'd better get this month's thread started before we lost track of it altogether.