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Posted By: Bill D
20-Jan-11 - 07:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
Subject: RE: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
"... it is your contention then that we do nothing to identify these types of people..."

Oh, NO! I HAVE agreed that it's a fine idea to do all that we can to improve identification and treatment of mental illness! I think I could find at least 3 posts of mine in the last 2 weeks showing I consider it an important part of solving the problems... all I have said is that we will never run out of disturbed people!
   When I was a kid, I remember reading of Howard Unrauh, a veteran who shot a bunch of people in New York in the 1950s. He was fine...until he WASN'T fine. And there are many, many who are not considered clinically 'crazy' who would just as soon shoot you as look at you.

   I am ALL FOR treating ALL forms of mental illness...but I do NOT wish to wait until most of them are cured or confined to feel safe from most guun violence. (There have been shootings within a couple of miles of me the last few years...robberies and family violence..etc. Most of those folks were not 'ill'...but just stupid and greedy and lazy)