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Posted By: Bill D
19-Jan-11 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
Subject: RE: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
" We just need to get to the root of the issue, that is mental health ..."

I think I posted way back up there that mental illness and just plain dangerous people have been with us since the beginning of time.....maybe it is excess testosterone plus an unhappy childhood- who knows?
We will always have some form of disturbed and potentially dangerous people around, and there is only a limited amount we can do about them. Sure... we should try, and we should do our best to identify and help/control them, but it would be FAR easier to control/limit their access to guns...both number & type---and to ammo.
I do NOT see why laws and procedures cannot be designed to allow only certain types of guns to the 'general populace' and SEVERELY limit by screening who can legally possess other types and who can 'carry'.

   There are, simply, a lot of folks who 'just like having guns' and buy into fake logic about 'self-defense'. I heard a statistic the other day that 1/3 of deaths in 'home invasion' incidents were due to guns that were found IN the home by intruders and stolen or taken away BY the intruders! I can't easily imagine a routine where I'd feel 'safer' in my house with guns secreted about.... you just can't keep one in your hand or strapped on at all times!

There is just no way to "legislate human nature"... idiots and jerks and just plain incompetents ...(including children)... are out there in growing numbers, and in many other ways we have laws to protect us from them...highway laws, caps on pill bottles, seat belts, helmets for cyclists, restrictions on who can buy explosives, prescription-only drugs, registration of sex offenders, ankle devices to monitor parolees, ....and whole list of others. These can be nuisances, but they DO something. But closing the loopholes in gun laws are fought so hard by the NRA that some congressmen are terrified of crossing the NRA.

We can agree that there are SO many guns already out there that any simplistic 'banning' is close to impossible....but little to NO regulations? Pooh!