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Posted By: josepp
09-Jan-11 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: Bought a double bass today
Subject: RE: Bought a double bass today
///the strings on ours were a fairly cheap set, and even the friends with well-developed fingers complained about the pain.///

The setup on this one is very nice. Doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels very natural. Then again, I have played gass buitar since I was 19. I have a 1977 P-bass, a Hofner Beatle bass (a recent model not an early 60s) and a Schecter Studio 5-string active bass which is lined fretless. I was playing bass long before I really got into playing guitar. And I was a drummer years before I took up bass. Still am. So, I don't have any doubts I can learn to play double bass. I'm pleasantly surprised how much I can do on it already. But I see guys do stuff on them that I'm dying to do myself but I know someone's going to have to teach me---like slapping.

////Alas, a few years ago she replaced it with one of those modern travelling funny-looking things, still sounds the same, but ...////

Agreed. There's something about that doghouse. Gotta have it. Sure it's big and bulky and how you get one in a VW is totally beyond me. I drive a Prius and I can easily fit it in by dropping the backseats coming in through the hatchback. It fits easily but without that beatseat dropping, no way. I wouldn't have been able to get it home.

////Congratulations: All the best to you. I love the sound of upright bass or double bas. May I make some musical recommendation:////

I've always liked Ron Carter but he's bit beyond me. He's a hometown boy so maybe he'll give me some lessons!! Not!!

Another guy I like a lot is Jimmy Hughart who has played on everything. I'm working on some of his chops and can sort of do them...almost.