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Posted By: Ed T
09-Jan-11 - 05:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
Subject: RE: BS: AZ Congresswoman Giffords shot
""How about, let's all wait until we have a trial of the facts and learn what this young man had in mind before we launch into inflamatory vitriol of our own.""

Sounds good with me, from both sides of the issue. I am merely posting related information (what little exists at this point), and people are free to consider and discuss it or not.

And, note that I have not launched into "inflamatory vitriol" on this unfortunate circumstance, nor the broader issues raised by some.

IMO, posting news items. and related comments, and observations from these sources, and people closer to the situation than folks here contributes to just that.