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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-Jan-11 - 04:39 AM
Thread Name: Bought a double bass today
Subject: RE: Bought a double bass today
I got a message saying the Eastman Shop was closed when I clicked on your link.

I didn't find anything exactly like your link, but I suspect the bass you got is like the first one at Samuel Eastman Beginner Basses.

We had one, 7/8 size, for a while, that I got because "she" said she wanted one. It turned out that she only wanted one to look at, and after a few years of hauling it around and tripping over it when it was just sittin' we foisted it off on a friend who claimed she actually wanted one to play.

Aside from learning that they're about the same amount of trouble to get to a session as hauling a mother-in-law (but with a few fewer smat a** remarks about your driving), probably the most important thing we learned - from friends who had their own and actually played them - was that the strings on ours were a fairly cheap set, and even the friends with well-developed fingers complained about the pain.

We never bothered putting a good set of strings on, but comparison with similar instruments with better setup did indicate it would have been worthwhile, if there had been any realistic expectation that it would get more play.

Yours may already have better setup than ours did, but if you're really serious about practicing a lot an assessment of your setup by your instructor or a check with a decent luthier (assuming one's available) might be something to consider before the bleeding gets serious enough to hinder your enjoyment.

Lots of fun to play, but by the time we got ours my low-frequency hearing was too far gone for me to get good intonation, so I never bothered to take it away from "her that it was bought fer."