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Posted By: Ed T
08-Jan-11 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: What's killing thou's of birds&fish- Arkansas?
Subject: RE: BS: What's killing thou's of birds&fish- Arkansas?
Thanks John. Carp are close relatives to goldfish. Unfortunately, people often keep these fish in poor oxygen conditions. That's when you often see them on the surface, not eating but obtaining oxygen to live, cause it isn't in the water. That demonstrates your point about carp. Carp can live in some fairly poor environments, unlike many fish.

I don't know much about drumfish. Most of the bottom feeders I know are marine (worked with oceanograpers, and marine fish scientists for over 30 years). Thanks for the interesting information.

As an aside, from past info: What is interesting about many lakes is they are often oxygen poor on the bottom, because, unlike rivers, there is fewer sources of water running in to bring in fresh oxygen. Decaying organisms on the bottom deplete what little is available, especially when the water is warm and less able to maintain oxygen concentrations. Because of winter conditions, (such as winds) there is often a turn over of oxygen richer surface waters to the bottom, and vice versa. This stimulates fish activity on the bottom and because of the nutrients, phytoplankton growth on the surface, which benefits growth and maintainance of aquatic life.