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Posted By: gnu
07-Jan-11 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's killing thou's of birds&fish- Arkansas?
Subject: RE: BS: What's killing thou's of birds&fish- Arkansas?
Fish kills are quite common as well. There are many toxins in the ground which can be released in amounts that can cause a fish kill and then be washed out or dispersed. For example, here in New Brunswick, Canada it could be oil or natural gas expelled from below with a heavy rain. Shit happens.

Birds... an electrical storm can damage the ears of birds and the same could happen with fireworks. They would not necessarily die immediately but may die over several days or weeks. If ya wanna kill a partridge with a high powered rifle (which is illegal here) ya don't shoot it in the head, ya shoot it NEAR the head.

John... right on... it's all about the advertising dollar... whatever sells copies. Like the big 16" of snow blizzard we were suppose to have this weekend which was forecast 6 days ago. I was just out in it for a 2 km walk with shoes on and I actually had to shake off some flakes from my parka before I came back in the house. It's all about selling ad space.