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Posted By: ollaimh
16-Dec-10 - 09:41 PM
Thread Name: Gibson J300 any info please
Subject: RE: Gibson J300 any info please
i recall seeing a j300 in a montreal store on st antoine back twenty ytears ago. the owner kept putting up the price just as i was getting close to buying so i forgot it. i was later told his 23oo bucks price was a deal. i don't know but i was told the j300 was in the j400 mould and very rare and thus very collectable. i just liked the wasn't a bad player but no cannon. definately pre war but i can't remember what year and the store is now gone--i recently visited montreal and strolled st antoine. there are still a few music shops but the guy with the odd ball ethnic stuff on the corner is gone--too bad.
searching for a guitar for five years? i had a guild f20 stolen years ago and searched for a year and found it and the store who had it coughed it up when i started talking about getting the cops to come by--i suspect there were a few stolen things there. same shop had the only gurian zither i've ever seen.