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Posted By: GUEST,Nick Wroughton
16-Dec-10 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: Gibson J300 any info please
Subject: RE: Gibson J300 any info please
Didn't UK Presley-clone Cliff Richard own one?.Bought my first J200 in '72 in the UK(many Gibsons sold here in th' aulden deez virtually seconds??).It had to be sent back(many Gibsons of that era had strut glue that they seemingly aimed a radio frequency at.Result-union jack strut markings on the OUTSIDE of the top!!.Eventually got fed up of waiting for a replacement,accepted goods to the value(also faulty)and moved on to a Guild D55 with a neck like a banana(and far more unconcerned/gangsterish British wholesalers than Selmer ever knew how to be!).Also coalmining and later mental health nursing via sado-masochism,necrophilia,bestiality and equestrianism(soon gave the last four up-it was like flogging a dead horse!!).Did take on Westerly RI(Bad attitude!)over the Guild though,and eventually won out(an Indian sadly replacing a Brazilian re body).If Mudcatters are J45 fans,for Gawd's sake take luthier Rob Armstrong's advice and avoid some older ones with hollow PLASTIC bridges.A nice old J45/Epi Texan(25.5'' scale)copy went cheaply on UK Ebay recently.It was a Maya N45J identical to the one I gave my youngest nephew a few years ago(needed very minor bass-strut notching to free bottom E,but,all in all,a dead ringer for Phil Ochs' Gibson).I own 3 nicer J200s now outta Montana.Re the early 70's J200/250/300 chew on these observations;-double x bracing(ok does sound tight/Everlys 'Walk Right Back'-ish but it's 'wrassle the internal bridge plate'if you ever need to get it out!!.Necks were underset,bridges thin and bat-like.'B's as opposed to Boze--man.Only recently stumbled on site,so not a case of 'I've been keepin' my feathers dry for just such an...oops-must watch 'Walk the Line' again.All/best,Nick.