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Posted By: Folknacious
05-Dec-10 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: The (Forced) New Myspace
Subject: RE: The (Forced) New Myspace
Folknacious, since you appear to have figured out how to work with it, why not do a good deed and write up and post a tutorial for the technologically challenged?

Life is too short, I think, and I don't relish getting the usual Mudcat know-alls jump down my throat and flaming me for getting some piece of arcane techie terminology wrong.

Some hints though. Once logged in, go to the very top, where you see "My Stuff" and click the "Edit Profile" link on the left. When that opens a page, completely ignore the texts in boxes on the right and proceed to the blue "Design My Profile" button. It'll open up a floating design control panel. The first time you do this it'll ask you to select a "Theme" or some such. Pick one you can initially bear and select it (you can change it any time you like). In fact, after that go to "Build my own theme", click colours and find something you like there - it's worth a bit of experimenting. These will give you plain clean backgrounds - you can always add extra background images later if you like cluttering it up with ghastly wallpaper.

Then the fun starts. Click to the modules tab on the control panel. Run down it and click "remove" by all the stuff you don't need - watch it vanish (you can always put it back by clicking "add"). At a stroke, that removes lots of the junk they've strewn around your page. Then even remove your friends, comments etc for now.

Hovering your cursor around, somewhere - usually the right column under the annoying advert - you'll find an HTML box marked something like Bio. When you hover your cursor over it, it highlights it. Under the "HTML box" header there's a little cog symbol which is settings and an x symbol which deletes the whole box. Hit the cog, select all the text in the box, copy it and paste it into a Word document and save it. That's all your old code, including some extraneous stuff that was in other places on the old page, not the text that's on that the first "Edit Profile" page.

Then, frankly, delete all the HTML boxes off the page, just leaving your music player panel and start again. Click "Add" on the HTML box section on the floating control panel, which creates a new box. Do your HTML code editing on a duped Word doc until you're sure you've got it right, then paste it into the new box. I find you usually have to hit the Save button at least twice to see it take effect: that's definitely a glitch, and equally annoyingly the box header won't appear until you "Publish" either. When that's right you can add other boxes if you like.

Then add back your friends, comments, blog in the modules tab etc if you want them.

On the control panel, switch from Modules to Change Layout. You can then drag and re-place all the elements on the page until you like where the text, player, friends and any other elements sit. If you click the "add a Marquee" button, it puts a space in at the top of the page - you can control how deep - into which you can put more HTML, a banner heading for example.

Double and treble check, then hit "Publish" on the module to see your handiwork live. To make changes, go back through the initial process to get back to the control panel.

It would have been much easier if they'd put up a tutorial in English themselves!

Also double and treble check your privacy and account settings, also on the left under the "My Stuff" pull down at the top.