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Posted By: Stewart
05-Dec-10 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: The (Forced) New Myspace
Subject: RE: The (Forced) New Myspace
I too am dismayed with the new Myspace. It's really unnecessary, cumbersome, and frustratingly slow to respond. I am slowly figuring out how it works. Here's a response from Myspace to my help request (they do respond after a while). This explains how to edit the HTML code - something I would have had a hard time figuring out myself.



With the upgrade to the new profile for artists, the process strips out any CSS, and places all HTML code in an HTML Box on the right hand side of the page. We do this because it's not only important that we save your objects (voice mail widgets, banners, videos, etc.) for continued use in your new profile, but we know that you've put a lot of effort in getting them in place. We simply don't know what you will want to do with them on your new profile-you may want to keep some and dump others.

In an effort to make things clearer, we carry over the artist details headers in that HTML Box so you can see where you originally placed the objects (i.e., Bio, Members, Influences, etc.). The Bio, Members, and other artist details sections are now reserved for the actual information they were originally intended to contain-your artist details. This means the practice of placing code in the bio or members section is no longer supported. Rich customization can be achieved by using the expandable marquee, background image, colors, fonts, and arrangement of modules on the page.

It is likely you will want to clean up this HTML Box and remove or redistribute the objects to other HTML modules on the page.

To manage HTML on your new artist profile, here's what you do:
click Customize from your profile, or hover over My Stuff and click Customize under Profile
minimize the Profile Designer and hover over the HTML Box to highlight it
hover over the sprocket icon for Settings and click to allow you to edit the contents
hover over and click the X to delete the module entirely
reopen the Profile Designer, and click Publish, then click OK, to complete your edits
Important stuff to know:
the "Bio" section in the HTML Box is not the actual Bio section for your profile. This section is located in the Edit Artist Details page.
there is no support for CSS in the new site
you can minimize the Profile Designer to access individual modules, and reopen at any time you like
if you delete the HTML module, all of you data in that module will be removed.
you can add the HTML or other modules back in at any time by accessing the Profile Designer, choosing the Modules tab, and clicking Add next to any module you want on your profile.
keep in mind that you can add unlimited HTML boxes to your page from the Modules selection in the customization editor.

Sincerely, Jose, The MySpace Support team


S. in Seattle