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Posted By: melodeonboy
23-Nov-10 - 05:51 PM
Thread Name: Charity Gig - Sevenoaks - 12th Feb 2011
Subject: RE: Charity Gig - Sevenoaks - 12th Feb 2011
"Come on folks, let's get some dialogue going here :-)"

Sid: 'ere, you 'eard abaht that charity gig in Sevenoaks?

Jim: Yeh, that Kev the Clogs geezer's runnin' it, ain't he?

Sid: Yeh, 'e reckons there's goin' to be fire jugglers there!

Jim: Leave it aht, Sid, it's a bleedin' music festival, not one of them weirdo dos.

Sid: Nah, straight up, Jim. They've got street entertainers an' all!

Jim: Well, I might give it a go. What d'ya reckon?

Sid: Yeh, all right, mate. I'll meet yuh dahn the bookies at 12.

Well, you did say you wanted a dialogue! :)