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Posted By: katlaughing
20-Nov-10 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
SRS, a dried fig or two makes for a really sweet, yummy smoothie with whatever else you add to it, strawberries, or blueberries like I use. Blueberries have all kinds of healthful qualities, too.

We went to the store this morning. Managed to get all we need for the holiday for whomever is in town and wants to come over. We have not had a paycheck in three weeks due to a screw-up in the corporate office of the parent company which Rog works for and Workers Comp. The only one who has tried to get it fixed is the WC guy. The company has so many right hands and left hands who don't know what the other is doing it isn't even funny. Anyway, they said they were supposed to make a direct deposit either Thur. or Fri night. As of now, nada. There may be some fireworks in western Colorado come Monday morning. It certainly makes for interesting times...too much stress for both of us.

In the meantime, it has been a good day! We managed all right this morning. I have a load of laundry in. And, Morgan came over this afternoon. He and I "noveled" together, he on my laptop beside me as we both wrote on our nanowrimo novels. A high, reasonable, suggested word count goal for a first grader is 300. He is at 158, though his read more like short stories, I don't care. There are no "rules" per se. I am pleased as punch he is writing and even did some dialogue today. I have finally almost made it to the halfway point, though that means I am still about 5,000 behind. I figure if I can keep the blues away, I'll be able to catch up this coming week when Rog is back at work. I am really have fun with it.

Morgan also got down on his hands and knees, bless his heart, and used cleaning wipes in the corners of the bathroom floor. The mop just doesn't do a good job and the whole floor, about 3' X 5' was really dirty; I haven't had the energy to tackle it. He loves doing that kind of cleaning! He even scrubbed along the lower part of the wall. He got paid for that job which we negotiated before he started.

Then we went outside. He wanted to hammer so I set him to looking for loose nails in the picket fence. Then, I told him to come in the house to find a couple of screws, a screwdriver and a metal hanger. The fence post right by the gate has been wedged apart from the fence for ages. It needs a big bolt put through it, but, in the meantime, to keep the fence from falling over, I showed him how to wire the hanger around it, then we got a tough stick and put it in between the fence post and wire and began to twist until it was tight, like a tourniquet. He thought that was pretty slick. It was so cute, he had on some adult safety goggles.

Then I showed him where we needed to put the screws in the gate latch. It had lost two and was swinging down so it never gets latched. Not a problem, most of the time, but when the wind blows it bangs away. So, he set the screws in the old holes and darned if he didn't get them in just as tight as could be. I only had to turn them a couple of turns to get them finished. SO! After a year or more of that nagging little problem, the two of us fixed it while Rog rested on the couch with his foot up! We both had a great sense of accomplishment.

We then came in and played around on youtube for a bit, then he went home. We're about to settle down to watch the third instalment of The Aristocrats from netflix. It's a BBC production; quite good.