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Posted By: akenaton
19-Nov-10 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
problem is does not matter who is the "least worse".
While the supporters of the two factions can be encouraged to fight one another, the financiers and corporatists will continue to rule, while we will be asked to pay for their crimes.

If the economy remains stagnant, or worsens, if the US remains mired in unwinnable foreign wars etc, and the Republicans field a systems politician in 2012......Mr Obama and the Democrats will be wiped out.

Why do you all hate Sarah so much? she is your only hope.
Unfortunately even if Obama were to beat Sarah, his majority would be so small, that nothing to your liking could be achieved.

If you are waiting for progressive evolution, welcome to the club. We have had 10years of Labour and now our living standards and services are being slashed....The labour govt encouraged deregulation of the banks....the liberals are now acting as mercenaries for the conservative govt. Hypocrites to a man.

Hawk is right....once they get power, they are against "we the people", no matter what label they bear.


There is a chance that Sarah might just be egotistical enough to pass on the money she is making, and run for first US female president. Any real progressive will see that as a first step on a long road to break the old political system and bring forward "people power". Once ordinary people have a real voice, then is time to start campaigning for the society you want to see.

Or maybe you dont want to see it! :0)