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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
19-Nov-10 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
He may run, but defeat is inevitable. Too much anger. Not his fault, but will pull him down.

To correct a blanket statement by Little Hawk- "...a single payer health plan such as exists in the rest of the developed world..."

France- The French must make a personal contribution as the state does not cover all of a person's medical charges. French residents either take out an insurance policy to cover the difference or trust that they can make up the difference.

Canada- In Alberta, the process is similar. There is a monthly premium charge. Basic health care is covered, but not all procedures, and some specialists demand a higher fee tham allowed by the province. Many pay for MRI, other advanced techniques, because the waiting lists are long. All drugs are on a shared cost system, the patient pays part.
Many take out insurance to cover the difference in costs or for treatments not paid for by the province. Canada does not have a unitary health care scheme; each province makes its own rules.

Japan- Medical expenses borne by workers is about 30 percent (monthly premiums). Many workers fall behind on payments. Both private and public hospitals, the former offering better care. All are non-profit, but good staff and care is expensive, so private hospitals only for the well-to-do. No 'family' doctors who are aware of the patient's full history.

Scotland- Basic health care is paid through taxation. The Bank of Scotland and other institutions sell health-care insurance to cover day-to-day medical and drug expenses; covers complimentary and alternative therapies, and better pregnancy and child care treatments.
England- The better private health care is elected by those who can afford it. Private Insurance available. Public medical operations are paid through taxes.

Germany- premiums for workers based on salary. About 15 per cent elect private insurance and private treatment. All salaried employees below 50,000 Euros must join the public system, which takes roughly l5 percent of pay, the amount depending on the deal between the company and an insurance company.

Public health care is taking a larger share of taxes everywhere because of aging populations.