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Posted By: Little Hawk
19-Nov-10 - 11:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Yes, Bobert, I'll explain that to you. ;-) Listen carefully.

It is necessary for the Democratic Party to offer some progressive policy ideas in its platform when there's an election, because progressives won't come out in large numbers to vote for the Democrats otherwise.

There are also some genuine idealists in the Democratic Party and they will put forward progressive policy ideas. Obama may have genuinely cared about providing better health I'm NOT saying that the idea to reform health care necessarily came from the corporate bosses.

Got that?

What I am saying is that once Obama was elected...THEN the corporate bosses immediately began exercising their usual command and control apparatus: lobbying. It's all done through the power of either giving or withholding or from members of Congress. So the progressives in the party get elected partly by promising better health care...but once the legislation starts to go forward, the lobbying kicks in, and the bill starts to be eviscerated. It gets changed far from its original intentions (a single-payer public health insurance plan such as exists in the rest of the developed world)....and it mutates slowly and sickeningly into a plan that delivers millions of new customers to the PRIVATE health insurance industry, thus making them much more money and forcing people to purchase private health insurance whether they want to or not!

And there's where Boss Hog took over the plan, Bobert. You see, Boss Hog doesn't have to be the originator of a progressive initiative. Boss Hog just has to step in whenver things might get out of hand and use the power of corporate money to turn what could have been a progressive initiative into another cash grab for the corporates.

You see? I'm not saying that Boss Hog controls EVERYTHING or orginates EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS, Bobert. I'm saying that Boss Hog steps in at crucial junctures and takes over the legislative process through the power of lobbying while the process is occuring in Congress.

Thus you may elect someone with a genuinely progressive policy and intention, but that progressive policy fails to be enacted in the way it was intended when it gets to Congress, because your Congress and your government have been broken by the power of corporate lobbying.


The only thing that can change something this broken is a social revolution, such as happened in France in the 1700s (violent) or such as happened in the Soviet Union and most of the Warsaw Pact in 1989 (nonviolent for the most part). Literally millions of people have to go into the streets and bring down the system....either violently or by the power of moral persuasion. It has to get so bad that most of the army and police either stand by and do nothing... or join the protestors. When that happens, the government falls and the ruling system ends and is replaced by something else.

Such things can happen. I do not believe it is any longer possible to reform your political system through the established means of political campaigns and elections, because the power of corporate money and mass media is too great and the process has been completely corrupted. Only a social revolution is going to turn that around.

Such a prospect is extremely dangerous, obviously. And if, as an American, you were to speak in favor of such things, you would probably get arrested at some point. If you moved too soon, you'd get squashed by the powers that be. To succeed, it would have to happen pretty much spontaneously, and it would have to involve many millions of people all taking to the streets at the same time.

Again I say....such things HAVE happened. And they will happen again. The only questions are: Where and when? And by the gun? Or by moral persuasion?