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Posted By: katlaughing
18-Nov-10 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Hope you are feeling better now, SRS. Glad you got the picture. He was really funny about the journal. He spent quite a bit of the short time he was here, yesterday, drawing very intently in it. He designed a "hair style" on a smiling head (it has three spikes of hair) and he did a very cute smiling boy's head with detailed ears and a baseball cap on his head. He told me he was getting better because he "joined the art club" at school. It's a loose-knit group of kids who dreamed this up and do things together at recess from what I can gather. Anyway, when he left for home, I asked didn't he want to take the book to show his parents. He told me he wasn't going to take it home until it was "all filled up!" Thanks, again. It was a very perfect and thoughtful gift.

Rog got mad this morning, I think he's fed up with not being able to drive because of his foot. He finally gave in and let me drive him, after we took Morgan to school and our daughter to work as her husband had to be at work at 630a and her car is still not working. I will pick Rog up at 1230p.

In the meantime, our house looked depressing, so I came home and got busy. Spent about two hours picking up, putting away all kinds of stuff, including crap on the corner of my old office desk where the jewellery-making is done and where the laptop lives; sorting, folding, hanging up and putting away clean laundry from the past two weeks; and, put in another load of laundry. Took some photos, loaded them into the computer, cropped and emailed them and, now I am about to tackle the kitchen table and have one more load of laundry to put away whilst another is drying. I may take a nap this afternoon before picking up my daughter and Morgan.:-)