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Posted By: Little Hawk
17-Nov-10 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
I fully understand your preference for the Democrats, Bobert, and I share it. However....I think Americans need to look at the much bigger picture of what is happening in their country, which is that huge vested interests get both the Republicans and the Democrats to serve them rather than serving the public.

Progressives will always vote for the Democrats, not the the Democrats have progressives in their ranks, and they talk progressive policies (some) when they run for office, whereas the Republicans talk reactionary policies. That's a given. That makes the 2 parties quite different in outer style and stated ideals.

So naturally, you and I would prefer the Democrats.

But once IN office the Democrats cave in to the real bosses who are not your elected officials, but the CEOs of major corporations and the military-industrial complex.

So Obama talks about reforming health care (and probably wants to do so too), but the bill that is finally passed becomes a huge giveaway to the private health insurers by forcing millions more people to become their customers!

That's not the health care y'all were hoping for when you voted for Obama....but the $ySStem doesn't care. It wants the private health insurers to get richer, so the bill was shaped in that fashion.

Meanwhile you all got caught up in the usual partisan hatred that perpetually divides your country into 2 irreconcilable communities...and that serves the $ySStem, because you stay divided, helpless, and distracted and the great 2-party game of "divide and conquer" goes on as it always has. It doesn't REQUIRE the Republicans and Democrats to be identical!!!! In fact, it requires that they be noticeably different, both in style and basic philosophy, but those differences won't help you one bit if they've both been bought out. And they have been.

You HAVE to get rid of both the Republicans AND the Democrats, but more importantly of the huge financial entities and lobbies who control them or you cannot have an honest and responsible government that represents the people at large. BIG MONEY has broken your democracy.

The only way I see to change that, frankly, is some kind of enormous social revolution that utterly sweeps away the existing system. You can't do it at the polls, in my opinion. Just not possible.