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Posted By: mousethief
17-Nov-10 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Yeah, Obama has been a disappointment... He hasn't just stood up to the politics that the Repubs have thrown at him and say, "Fuck it... We're gonna do what is right..." Too much appeasement and too much bad stuff happening in our name...

Yup. But our country is screwed. The corporatocracy is selling us down the river, sending all the good jobs overseas and not replacing them with ANYTHING in the states. (Gee, why is there 9.5% unemployment? Because Obama isn't hiring people? No it's because the corporatocracy isn't hiring people. And why should they, when they can continue getting mindbogglingly rich without doing anything?) We have shifted the tax burden ENORMOUSLY from the top end to the middle and bottom end of the income curve, and they want to shift it more. The great thing -- they're geniuses -- is that they have got the middle and working classes to BEG THEM to pay less proportionately in taxes! God, they have it made in the shade!

Once there is no more American middle class, they will have to sell their wares overseas, of course, but hey, China and India are coming online as major commodity cultures. So they don't care.

Eventually of course they will do away with the minimum wage, have repossessed all our homes and own all the real estate and rent to us at exorbitant rates, and pay us a crust and tell us to be glad to get that.

Quote me.