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Posted By: Ron Davies
17-Nov-10 - 09:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
So now we have "Coca-Cola gambit time"-- President Obama should "announce he isn't running, get a lot of stuff done..."

A brilliant plan.

For somebody totally clueless about politics.

Let's use our heads for once.

Look, if you announce you're not running, you become an automatic lame duck---you and your ideas will be progressively more ignored.

So you ensure that you will in fact get nothing done.

The brilliant plan fails elementary logic.

Aside from that, it's wonderful.

I wonder if the author of the brilliant plan is also a hard-headed clear-thinking, self-reliant atheist.   And if so, if he thinks that now would be a politically advisable time to push to remove "under God" from the Pledge--yes, I know it's an addition from the 50's. Or perhaps to agitate to take 10 Commandments plaques out of courthouses.

Perhaps he should just return to his career as top corporate strategist for Coca-Cola.   That job probably also pays better than his current position as top advisor to the Obama administration.