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Posted By: robomatic
15-Nov-10 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: RE: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
I think Obama has done pretty good so far. Consider the incredibly brutal/ non-cooperative/ unambiguously hostile reactions he has stimulated in the right and far-right, who accuse him of being Communiist/ Socialist/ Satanist and have nothing whatsoever good to say about him or anything he has done/ tried to do/ talked about doing. The stupid things go beyond our borders to the infantile Berlusconi.
Our President has not been perfect, but he was never going to be perfect. He has remained Presidential, cool-headed, he has brought major legislation into being, he has made two good additions to the Supreme Court, and he has not abandoned hope. He is leading us into uncharted waters, and I have every hope he will be elected to a second term and that as we commemmorate the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, we do so with a great American President who happens to be black.