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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
15-Nov-10 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
You can bet that he's not gushing about going home to visit Mom on his end, he's looking forward to visiting with all of his friends, so we'll give him as much leeway for doing that as possible. I'm just so proud of these two kids, and they're both at that point where they're shaping their own lives, so I'm watching and enjoying it.

A lot of running around today - this library inventory stuff isn't complicated, except it requires great attention to detail and lots of little executive decisions as you go. I'll be doing some more of this later in the week; we stopped when my laptop stopped reporting to the mother ship.

Took my household recycling over to the depot near me, and they've finally opened the new side of it where they did all sorts of improvements. It looks great, with solar collectors and compactors for the recycling and such. And they've set up a "swap" area, so I dropped off a chair I picked up at the curb a couple of weeks ago. I didn't really want it, but it was too pretty to put in the trash, so it's now where someone else can pick it up. I found some plastic covered plate display pieces in a box. They're a little grimy, so they'll need a good once over with some Formula 409, and then I have a lot of antique plates I can use them with.

Shipped an eBay item, and I need to list some more. It's a busy week with a couple of more drives over to the university, and jobs that need to be finished and sent electronically. The good thing about this now is that there is more variety than there has been for a while.

Looks like rain, better see if I need to do anything else in the yard. I spent about 30 minutes picking tomatoes, peppers, and okra. I'll cut up and freeze a lot of the peppers tonight.