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Posted By: Bobert
14-Nov-10 - 07:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
Subject: BS: Should Obama Run in '12???
I've kinda been thinkin' about this myself for a couple months now but in today's Washington Post (Outlook Section) there is a very thought provokin' article entitled "One & Done" by a couple of Democratic operatives, Patrick Caddell (Jimmy Carter's administration) and Douglas Schoen (Bill Clinton's administration)...

They give some very good reason why Obama would go down in history as a great president if he were to announce that he isn't running in '12... This would force the Repubs to participate and if that happens then lots of stuff can be tackled without the same old sandbaggin' that we've seen from the Repubs... It would also force a few of the more obstinate Dems to get with the program...

I kind like their thinking... I mean, the way things have evolved in our country it makes no sense for a president to have two terms because the first one gets consumed with campiagnin' for the 2nd term... Case in point... The 2004 election... Would Bush have gone into Iraq if he wasn't trying to position himself with his base for a 2nd term??? Who knows but, like I said, I would love it if Obama just had the balls to say, "Hey, ya'll... I ain't runnin' so now lets get down to America's business"...