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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
14-Nov-10 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
I just got home from attending my daughter's play at her university. They put on Eugene O'Neill's one comedy, Oh, Wilderness!, set in 1906 Connecticut, near Yale (in New Haven). And to help her research I had pulled out my Ansonia, Connecticut (just west of New Haven) family photos from 1905, 1906, and 1907, of my great aunts in their high school graduation photos and another one taken of a women's team at school. And one of my grandfather with other young gentlemen from Yale. She also studied how a slip (petticoat) or possibly skirt that I have from that same household was made. Some eyelet lace, and horizontal tucks that make the skirt look fancier.

She really did her homework and design - when the curtain opens the stage is dark, then Fourth of July music of a parade comes up, and when the lights turn on there is a tableau - everyone in the play right there, in costume - it was gorgeous and it was like they stepped out of those old family photos! She did such a beautiful job! Apparently some of the male actors didn't like that they had to wear stiff removable collars, like in the photo, but she got it right down to the vest the father was wearing under his suit, and his watch fob! There were petticoats under the women's skirts, and there were all sorts of features that made the blouses all unique, yet they all had that turn-of-the-century feel for each character.

Am I gushing?

Audience members weren't allowed to take photos, but she tells me she'll get me some that the took in advance of the play opening. I'm looking forward to that!

Other than this excitement, I took the plunge on the phones. I looked at the T-Mobile phones with their SIM cards and decided it would be much easier and probably cost about the same in the first year to go to Sprint and have them put my house number into a cell phone. I got one that will come out free after I send in the $50 rebate, and it will be a flat $10 a month to use this. T-Mobile I'd have had to pay upfront on phone and minutes and then I'd end up paying about the same in minutes anyway as I'd pay Sprint. Charter hasn't let the number go yet, so I'll call in the morning and discuss it with them. I'm keeping their Internet service, but I took the phone away because they didn't play nicely.

I picked up the base station and for now it is set up so the handset can charge, but until the new cell phone is working, I won't set it up with any other phones.

After picking up the base station, I shopped the HP section at Fry's, and I think I found my next computer. If the bonus promised comes through, I'll use that to get this new one in place. That will make my work much easier and faster.

And that's enough. I'm winding down after the 45 minute drive home. All of you are probably sound asleep by now.