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Posted By: katlaughing
11-Nov-10 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Sorta, kinda clear as mud, SRS.:-) You're doing better than I. Last night I threw some clothes in to wash, heard a thunk, looked in and felt around, thought it might be one of the dryer balls we use to separate the clothes whilst drying. Got ready to go to bed which is when I put my cell phone on the charger. No cell phone. Finally found it, in the washer..all nice and clean and wet and done in. Sim card was okay, though!

Went to our daughter's about 830a, where I let the four dogs out in rotation as two of them want to be alphas at the same time. Said hello to the ferrets and loved up to the cat. Fed and watered the dogs. Left and went to Radio Shack whose clerk advised me to go the a little phone store which could upgrade me for free as I was due for an upgrade. Gee, who knew?:-) Went to the phone store, not open until 10a. Went on to Office Max to return their dual printer cartridges which were mostly dry right after I bought them on the 2nd. Got new ones, then took Rog to work. Went in and read for about an hour, went out to the car, took a nap, then decided to go to the phone store while waiting for Rog.

Phone store guy was really nice. I chose one of the free upgrade phones, left and bought some lunch, went back to get Rog and we came home. Sat down with the new phone, hated the screen was not as crisp and clear as I like. So...after we ate, we went back to the phone store where I picked out another one which I like better, but still am not convinced I'll keep it. I have 14 days in which to return it. Then we went to Kmart where I returned a small backpack I didn't like. Then home. Now, it is almost time to go do the dogs all over again!

Hope I get to write this evening. I have an appt in the AM and Rog will go in to work, again. Don't know when the kids will be back. I"ll post more about that on the other thread.

I am sticking to points and getting a lot of walking done!