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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
08-Jun-98 - 12:21 AM
Thread Name: Folksongs Appropriate for a Wedding
Subject: Lyr Add: ALONE IN THE BEDROOM . . .^^
Diggin' way back in the ol' memory here. This is from Wat Nichol, an album called "Wat a Night" it was popular in Scotland more than twenty years ago, and it's been that long since I heard it, if anyone over there can give us a correct version, it would be a great addition to the database...

Alone in the bedroom the bride & the groom,
Go to bed for the first time on their honeymoon.
Says the wife, "One condition to which you'll be bound,
If you want to sleep with me, 'twill cost you a pound.
Not only tonight, but as long as we're wed,
Put all thoughts of freedom right out of your head.
Sure a pound in the hand brings a night of sheer bliss.
If you don't pay the pound, there's not even a kiss."

Now the guests they are happy with whisky and beer,
While this couple they celebrate twenty-five years,
And the wife calls the company to gather around,
As she gives to her husband some three thousand pounds.
"All the pounds that you gave me I put safely away,
Intending to surprise you on this happy day."
"Sure if I'd have known this was what you'd meant to do,
I'd have made sure I gave all my business to you!"

That's as well as I remember it. If you want to play it safe, I've found that "Ashoken Farewell" always goes over well at weddings. If we could just get Ken Burns to do a documentary on folk music.

Frank i.t.s.