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Posted By: katlaughing
06-Nov-10 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Interesting dreams, SRS!

There is hope for us, yet. Rog and I went back to Kmart to get me some more of the all cotton pants I found a week ago which stay soft and fit well. It's so hard to find 100% which isn't so cheap it scratches after the first washing; or, even to find 100% cotton that isn't too expensive. I also bought a new handbag, one which I can carry the O2 in also, but I've decided I don't like it and will take it back.

There is hope, because after that, when we came home, Rog took what I said to heart and cleaned up his PIT in the kitchen. He moved his monitor back to the computer desk which sits against one kitchen wall, instead of being clamped onto the table on his side, which also entailed moving his keyboard, mouse, and a bunch of other little things which have been taking up so much space on the table. He also cleaned off the top of his 2 drawer filing cabinet which sits next to the desk. I did the dishes and more laundry. Then, had Morgan come over to help me sort beads. FireMountain has a $1 or less sale right now. I'd ordered a bunch of stuff including three strands of assorted glass beads for 75 cents per package, so I bought three packages. We had nine strands to sort into bowls. It was a lot of fun and we have all kinds of plans for beautiful jewellery.

SRS, he is reading beginner stuff really well. It's fun...we'll be driving down the road and he'll say, "Mama! That sign said 'exit!'"

Sins, he says he'll do the makeup and all if he can take a shower right after, which I promised. No telling how soon, though, we will do our best.:-)

Our kitchen looks so much better now. It was really bugging me.