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Posted By: katlaughing
03-Nov-10 - 11:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
That is a cute photo. I'd heard that about burglars, too. I think our neighbours' dogs, all the way round us, plus the goat next door, would stave off any attempts in our neighbourhood, but I have felt a bit less safe without Merlee here. With Rog here because of his foot, it's not so much that way, but we do need to think about it, later.

Morgan was a stunningly handsome, classic vampire for Halloween. his dad did his makeup and hair and did a fantastic job...his red hair was slicked down to a point on his forehead, his eyes were rimmed with black while his face was deathly white with bright red lips and of course fangs to bite with. I bought him a black cape with red lining. Unfortunately none of us got pix, so I've asked him for a re-dress...he says everything but the makeup!

I have been at work with Rog and at my own appts., but did finally get started on decluttering a novel in my head onto paper, so to speak. To manage 50,000 words in thirty days, the average day must have 1666 words. I've written only twice since just after midnight of the 31st and have managed 4001, so I am only down 997 from that daily goal for the past three days.

We are off to work again tomorrow morning, only for a couple of hours, but I may take the laptop and work on it there. We've also got to go to the health food store.

I've been getting a lot of walking done as I go to the store, post office, etc., etc. all those things Rog usually does, sometimes with me in tow.:-) Went off the rails the past two weeks with diet, running around too much, too stressed, but today started a new week and I have started out well. Thanks, SRS, for the link to Dr. Weil. I love that guy! Heard him on NPR years ago and bought a couple of his books. It's good to be reminded of the good he teaches.

My house is a disaster right now. Rog has moved into the kitchen, a lot, at his "command center," as he's doing work-related stuff on the computer most of the day, plus it's easier for him to get ready for a shower whilst sitting in his office chair which he uses to scoot down the hallway, so his dirty clothes wind up going right into the washer which is by the back door. He is a very messy engineer anyway...his office at work looks as chaotic as his spot here, BUT he knows where everything is. It's pretty amazing.

I was really proud of him, today. They had on a live conference of the President and were getting ready to go to another live feed from Denver when the whole building lost power. I could hear him sending people around to check this and that, the generator kicked in, and he was so calm and efficient during the whole thing, scooting around in the dark on another office chair, making sure everything came back up the way he'd engineered it to do. (It did!) It's tiring for him, though. Monday we see the doc to see if he can wear a boot, but probably still no weight on it...they said for at least 6-8 weeks. So, probably not much decluttering getting done around here.