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Posted By: John on the Sunset Coast
03-Nov-10 - 10:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Thanksgiving historical corrections (USA)
Subject: RE: BS: Thanksgiving historical corrections (USA)
Last evening an Chassidic Rabbi responded to my question on Cloning/Kosher.

His caveat was that cloning itself is still an open ethical question, and certainly is regarding human cloning.

What I posted on 28 October is essentially correct. But the following really astounded me. Any animal, whether normally considered to be kosher or NOT, if it is gestated in the womb and born through the birth canal of a kosher animal is considered kosher. So, if a pig is cloned and the embryo is able to be implanted in a cow or ewe, and if it goes full term, and is born normally...that pig is kosher, and fit to be eaten by Jews. Of course, all the care, slaughtering and the parts of the animal able to be consumed must still be accounted for.

My work is done, here.
Rabbi Backman also stated that he would not eat such meat, especially not in public, because another Jew seeing him eat a ham steak, might get the impression that any ham would be fit for Jewish consumption.