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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
01-Nov-10 - 01:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Subject: BS: Nov 2010 Declutter & Exercise reports
Busy time of year for all of us. Keeping track of the little (or big) successes is helpful, which is why we've been running these threads every month. It's a monthly thread because they get really long otherwise (for those who wondered and are dropping in to see what this is about).

It's chat, of course, it's everyday lists, it's special lists, it's our keeping track of each other in our virtual neighborhood. It's Jerry's kitchen table, moved into the craft room or the living room or the garage, wherever we each determine we need to clear out some space, organize our stuff, or whittle down the stuff that has accumulated.

I've sold several things on eBay the last few weeks, but in volume, it all probably wouldn't fill a milk crate. But it is progress (and has been nice to the PayPal and bank accounts!) And I've lost five pounds since I started working on it a month ago.

As far as this month's title, Exercise is shorter than Accountability, but if we need to change it, I'm sure we can. I'm working on a spinoff in the next couple of days also.

I've picked up another list of things to do, that of shuffling the Secret Santa names. We've all all be watching Liz struggle with health issues, and though she didn't say anything, I think the pressure of one more thing just didn't help (and she has had a bonkers computer). So I'm scrambling to pull this together this year, and will send out names late on Monday. Stragglers hopefully can be accommodated, but here's hoping the word gets out on Monday and everyone can hop on this bandwagon. If we all send small packages and use the packaging that gets it there fastest (like the priority packages we get here in the U.S.) then we should be okay, as late as it is.