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Posted By: wysiwyg
30-Oct-10 - 10:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability
Subject: RE: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability

Yeh, not only can you stain concrete you can STAMP it to make it LOOK like tile, flags, pavers, anything.

Do look into aggregate mixtures further to reduce weight. And also pls consider another old favorite flooring of mine-- terrazzo. I am sure a mix also can include not only the small chipped stones of terrazzo, but also recycled glass chips. (I THINK Terrazzo is poured and not tile.) Look up Silestone counters and then think FLOOR.

Me, I'd go bamboo. Warm look, makes cold fluoro light pretty.

OTOH if you have more hot days than cold, there-- you will want a cold-to-the-feet surface-- 'crete or stone.

You and your friend can EACH try one approach and arm-wrassle for the Smartypants Trophy afterwards.

And as a last gasp for retaining the original underneath-- there's always baseboard instead of--- eeeewww- rugging up the wall a la hotel.

I do not think you are crazy but consider the source. :~)

My sis once had one of those sunken-pit issues. She solved it by moving. :~) Her next apartment had a worse issue-- which she had to solve with sleepers. Thus the background for my startlingly clear info. :~) Plus I had a great happy crying jag and prayer this AM.