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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
25-Oct-10 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability
Subject: RE: BS: October+ fall declutter & accountability
Susan, one of these days one of your friends here is going to start a thread to keep track of you, like they keep track of Sinsull and Micca and Kendall and LilyFestre and others. Then it will all be in one place (and save a lot of searching all over, perhaps resulting in some virtual decluttering!)

Looks like rain over the weekend and wind today are going to declutter the neighborhood trees of the leaves. And then I inherit them from all around me. I have few trees that drop leaves, but neighbors with oak and mulberry do. And it all seems to drift to my yard.

On the indoor front, laundry is all washed and dried, some hung up, none folded yet. That's a good activity for television watching. And speaking of television, did anyone else turn on the new Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Mystery!? I had to turn on the closed caption feature on my television to understand what they were saying. This isn't one of the British dramas that moves along sedately with clear articulation. There is no effort to lose the regional accents and the Jack Webb clip to the dialog makes it more difficult. I hope they rethink the delivery and slow the pace a hair. It's difficult to even read the text at that rate.

Andrea, I did wonder, when you said you paid that bill, if it was unusual in the UK compared to here. The people at that office should have sent the check back to you without your having to dun them for it. The legal (closing) folks do it here, also.

So much to do this week, the last week of the month. Will report as tasks are put to bed.